Cloth Ladder Tapes for Horizontal Blinds

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You can create a unique look for the horizontal blinds you sell by offering blinds utilizing cloth ladder tape.

Also referred to as woven ladder tape, decorative ladder tape, fabric ladder tape, or simply cloth ladder, this product provides an opportunity for differentiation and creativity.

Solid color cloth ladders can be used to match the slat color or provide an attractive complement to the slat color. A wide range of decorative prints and jacquard weaves provide you the opportunity to offer an entire new level of decorative options!

Julius Koch™ is a leading global manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of cloth ladder tapes for horizontal blinds. We also produce an incredible selection of hundreds of decorative woven fabric ladder tapes and trims. Visit our "Decorative Cloth Tapes" page to view hundreds of these samples of decorative woven fabric prints & patterns of cloth ladder tapes!

Our horizontal blind cloth ladder tape products include: cloth ladder tape for 1" blinds (25mm slats), cloth ladder tapes for 1 3/8" blinds (35mm slats), cloth ladder tapes for 2" blinds (50mm slats), and cloth ladder tapes for 2 3/8" blinds, 2 1/2" blinds, and 2 5/8" blinds (60-67mm slats).

Julius Koch™ has decades of experience manufacturing top quality cloth ladder tapes for horizontal blinds and decorative woven fabric ladder tapes and trims; we have been producing cloth ladder and woven fabric trim at our Massachusetts (USA) facility since 1995.

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