High Performance Industrial Braided Cords

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For over 45 years, the demanding requirements of the window coverings industry have driven Julius Koch™ to continually improve the quality and performance of our cords. We've learned that the characteristics that make our cords stand out - strength, durability, attractiveness, stability, and consistency - are qualities that are required in many other cord applications.

Our cords are now utilized in a tremendous variety of industrial, recreational, and consumer products. Please contact us and we'll suggest a current cord product for your application, or modify or create one for your own unique requirements.

Our proprietary heat stabilization process enables Julius Koch™ to produce the finest quality small braided cords. Our industrial use cordage is perfect for cord applications that require high tensile strength, low elongation, consistent roundness, low shrink, or any specific combination of these characteristics.

Julius Koch™ high performance braided cords are available in a wide range of strengths, diameters, colors, and synthetic fibers. Our industrial braided cords meet the application requirements of diverse industries in a broad range of services and product areas.

Julius Koch™ has developed a reputation for excellence in the global industrial cord market. We have been producing premium industrial braided cord products at our Massachusetts (USA) manufacturing facility since 1965.

Julius Koch™ continues to develop, manufacture, and export quality, high performance industrial cords to our many global partners, and we welcome new inquiries from manufacturers throughout the world. Please contact us for information and cord samples.