Cloth Ladder Tapes for 1 ⅜" Blinds (35 mm slats)

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JK USA is a leading global manufacturer of top quality cloth ladder tape for 1 ⅜ inch blinds (35 mm slats).

Since 1965, JK USA has been producing high quality cloth ladder tape for 1 ⅜-inch horizontal blinds at our Massachusetts (USA) facility. We are a world leader in exporting cloth ladder tapes to companies that manufacture products for the windows coverings / sunscreening industry.

JK USA cloth ladder tapes for 1 ⅜" horizontal blinds (35 mm slats) are made of strong polyester fiber and are available in a wide range of printed patterns and adhered edge trims. Refer to the chart below for cloth ladder tape spacing, cloth ladder tape inside width, and cloth ladder tape colors.

Cloth Ladder Tapes for 1 ⅜" Blinds (35 mm slats) - Specifications Chart

  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Width of Fabric: 1" (25mm)
  • Ladder Spacing (Pitch): 30mm
  • Inside Width: 37mm
  • Natural & Solid Colors: Natural & 9 Colors
  • Printed Patterns: Wide Range
  • Adhered Trims: Wide Range
  • Jacquard Designs: N/A
  • Design Pattern: Alternating crossladder

JK USA is one of the world's leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of cloth ladder tapes for horizontal blinds, woven fabric ladder tapes, and decorative edge trims.

Contact us to learn more about the best cloth ladder tape for 1 ⅜ inch horizontal blinds (35 mm slats) in the windows coverings products / sunscreening industry!